Headlight Buckets, Bezels & Top Fender Moldings 58-62


Top fender moldings are 1 piece and ours are a little bigger to look more proportional to the body. The top fender moldings come with the stud plates unattached to allow for easier fitting.

Our headlight bezels attach with mechanical fasteners from the back side so you no longer see the screws like the factory style. Our headlight buckets will accommodate original bulbs or dapper lighting bulbs, other bulbs will likely work but we haven’t had the chance to prove it in house.

When ordering in carbon fiber the top fender moldings and bezels will be carbon fiber, the buckets will be fiberglass.

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In order to ensure a proper match and fit, it is HIGHLY recommended that the installer of the part is the one to order it.


Includes the following with a class A finish

Left Fender Molding
Right Fender Molding
Left Headlight Bezel
Right Headlight Bezel