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Steve Snow - Owner, Dynamic Corvettes

"Alot goes on here, and we need more help. Same problem as everyone else has, but we pay more than that minimum wage by far! We want you to have a good lifestyle, we want to help you take care of your family. "

We're hiring! If your feeling are easily hurt or you are often offended this is probably not the job for you, and we wish you luck!
If you understand we're here to do a job and provide excellent builds and service for our customers then this is what we have to offer you.
Great pay, company contributing healthcare after 90 days and after 1 year paid holidays, vacation time & other great benefits kick in.
Keep reading to see what Careers we have available and what's required for that position.

How To Apply

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Can you be here Monday-Friday promptly at 6:30am till 3:00pm?
We need dependable people above all else!

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Body Tech

10-15 Years Experience (or equivalent knowledge) Required

This position includes all body work we do for restorations and custom restomods. You will likely be assisting with paint as necessary also.


10+ Years Experience Required

Work on dry cars!

We only work on C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes.

Fiberglass Tech

No Experience Required

We're looking for a person with a positive attitude, & a willingness to learn. You'll walk in the door at $15 per hour with $1 per hour raise every 30 days until you reach $20 per hour. If you can figure out how to get to work on time and do your job with a good positive attitude within a few months you'll be earning $20 per hour

General Labor

No Experience Required

The owner, Steve, got his start sweeping floors in a Corvette shop!

This is an entry level position and we'll help to train you to do many things here.
In the beginning you'll be doing lawn maintenance, sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms. You'll also be in charge of cleaning up the Corvettes before the customers pick them up. You will also be learning how to build boxes and wooden crates to ship out our parts.
This position will start out at $12 per hour and if you can come in here and show us you can be an asset to our company we'll bump you up a $1 per hour every 30 days until your at $15 per hour. Once you've mastered our entry level position and are full time in the fiberglass shop your pay will go up from there.
We're a family owned and operate business and the more you know and learn the more valuable you are to yourself and to us.

Most of our employees start as general help. This lets you get a feel for the shop and what we do.