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Paint/Bodywork Videos Are Grouped At The Bottom

• Shop Safety - WATCH FIRST!

• 1962 XL - Rear Floor Remove

•1962 XL - Door Jam Reconfigure

•Air Cleaner Base Install

(Instructions located in product photos)

•Brake Caliper Rebuild w/ O-Ring Seals 1965-1982

•Bumper Install - C3

•Bumper Install Tips (Steve sharing a littl knowledge)

•Center Console Install with Transmission Tunnel & Brackets

•Crack Repair - Fiberglass

•Deck Lid - C2 - Fitting with Steve + Corey

•Epoxy (Steve Tips/Tricks)

•Fender Spear - Hardware Install

•Firewall Close Out Panel

•Firewall and Inner Fender Extensions Install - C1

•Firewall (Wiper Motor Installed From Cockpit Version)Install - Tips

•Fitting Glass - 1963 Split Window Flush Mount Kit

•Front Clip Install (C3)

•Front Clip Removal (C3)

•Front Fender/Inner Fender Extensions Install

•Front Spoiler (Using Our C2 Front Spoiler With A Bumper Car)

•Grille Moldings Install

•Headlight Bezel Install (For our custom '58-'62 Kit)

•Heater Block Off Install - C3

•Hood Fit- Especially For A Car That's Previously Been In An Accident

•Hood Fit

•Hood Hinge Help

•Hood Hinges / How To Adjust The Fit Of A Hood

•Inner Fenders - Crack Repair

•Inner Fender Retainers Quick Explain - C1

•Nose Panel Quick Overview- C1

•Rear Floor Install

•Rear Quarters Install

•Rear Quarter Install Tips - Measure and Level Both Sides

•Rear Quarters Install v2 - With additional info on leveling the front and rear

•Rear Quarters Splash Shields Install

•Rear Tubs + Floor Install

•Rear Tubs + Floor-Installing Without Screws

•Rear Tubs + Floor Install Notes with Steve

•Rims, Tire, & Fitment - Tips with Todd

•Rocker Panel Install C2

•Rocker Channel Repair C3

•Rocker Repair

•63 Split Window Kit Flush Mount Kit (For any C2)

•Spoiler Install

•Tracking Down Electrical Issues

•Transmission Tunnel Install

•Vintage Air Cover Plate Install

Paint / Sanding / Bodywork

•Sanding 101 With Tyler

•Sanding After Applying Clear Coat

•Guide Coat Instructions

•Masking For Graphics

•Tips on Seams

•Dollie Construction Instructions


Working With Epoxy (Steve Explains)

Fender Spear - Hardware Install

1962XL - Rear Floor Remove

1962- Reconfigure Door Jam

1965-1982 - Brake Caliper Rebuild w/ O-Ring Seals

Firewall (Wiper Motor Installed From Cockpit Version)Install - Tips

C1 Corvette Firewall and Inner Fender Extensions Install

Fitting Glass With Steve - Tips For Our '63 Split Window Kit

C1 Inner Fender Retainers Quick Explain

C3 Bumper Installation

XL Transmission Tunnel & Center Console Install With Brackets

Crack Repair - Fiberglass

C2- Rear Deck Lid - Install + Level with Corey and Steve

Front Clip Install(C3)

Front Clip Removal (C3)

Front Fender/Inner Fender Extensions

Using Our C2 Front Spoiler With A Bumper Car

Heater Block Off Panel Install - C3

Grille Moldings

Hood Hinge Help

Hood Hinges

Hood Fit - Especially For Car That Was Previously In An Accident

Hood Fit

Inner Fenders - Crack Repair

Level The Front Of Your Corvette- C3 Tips with Steve

Nose Panel (C1) Quick Overview with Steve

Power Spoiler

Rear Quarters

Rear Quarter Install Tips - Measure and Level Both Sides

Rear Quarters Install v2 - With Additional Tips on Leveling Front and Rear

Rear Quarter Splash Shield Install- C2

Steve sharing a little bumper knowledge

Rear Floor Install

Rear Tubs

Rear Tubs + Floor Install Notes With Steve

Rear Floor & Tubs - Installing Without Screws

Rims, Tires, & Fitment - Tips with Todd

Rocker Panel Install C2

Rocker Channel Repair C3

Rocker Repair

63 Split Window Kit Flush Mount Kit (For any C2)

Tracking Down Electrical Issues

Transmission Tunnel Installation

Vintage Air Cover Plate Installation

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Sanding 101 w/Tyler

Masking For Graphics

Sanding After Applying Clear Coat

Guide Coat Instructions

Tips on Seams

Dollie Construction Instructions