Firewall, Inner Fender Extensions & Retainers Kit


Slick out the engine compartment for a smooth finish in a fraction of time.  Also allowing you the freedom to run wires and plumbing in other locations through the firewall.  The firewall cover will require a wiper motor delete.
This kit will accommodate any 58-62 Corvette chassis and engine, original or aftermarket    
Shown here, with an LS3 engine and on an SRiii chassis You will get a firewall cover, 2 upper & 2 lower retainers and 2 fender caps 

To install the firewall you will need to sand down the original then bond ours into place. To install the fender caps and retainers you will fit your body to the chassis and scribe where the original fenders will need to be removed, you will then pre-fit our fender caps and retainers and cut to accommodate your chassis.  The fender caps & retainers should be bonded into place and body worked to a smooth finish.

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In order to ensure a proper match and fit, it is HIGHLY recommended that the installer of the part is the one to order it.