XL Floor Kit 61-62


Make life more comfortable in your C1.  

Lower the floor by approximately two inches and set the footwell forward by approximately 2 inches.

Add big tires and have room in the back for your convertible top and a set of golf clubs!

This kit will only work with the specialty frame from Roadster Shop that we developed together. 

That frame can be ordered from us.

🚗Check out our informative videos below!🚗

In order to ensure a proper match and fit, it is HIGHLY recommended that the installer of the part is the one to order it.


Includes The Following Components In Fiberglass

XL Floor
Left Rocker Mount
Right Rocker Mount
Left Rocker Mount Inside
Right Rocker Mount Inside
Left Rocker Mount Front
Right Rocker Mount Front
Left Rocker Mount Middle
Right Rocker Mount Middle
Left Rocker Mount Rear
Right Rocker Mount Rear
Firewall Block Off
Left Door Jam
Right Door Jam
Left Inner Fender Bonding Strip
Right Inner Fender Bonding Strip
Left Tub
Right Tub
Left Tub Extensions
Right Tub Extensions
Left Inner Fender
Right Inner Fender