Due to the many variables required for a freight shipment we have created a form to help us quote you. Bellow are some of the things that can change a fright price and we want to make them clear to you so you can make the right decision.

Residential vs Commercial Address

Most fright companies will charge a increased price to ship to a residential address vs a commercial address. So we tend to recommend you find a local shop or someone who can take delivery of your purchase to prevent this upcharge. Another thing that is possible to do is we can ship your item to the local freight terminal and you can pick it up when it's available. Shipping to the terminal may be a extra drive for you however this will avoid the extra charges all together. 

Lift Gate - $175

You will need to decide whether you need a Lift gate or not we ship all of our freight in hand built crates so they can be pretty heavy and if you don't have access to a fork truck or a docking bay you may need to get a lift gate so the items can be lowered to the ground and avoid any difficulty unloading. 

Limited Access Area - $150

Typically this is a Rural area that doesn't get a lot of traffic and may require the truck to take several dirt roads or long driveways to get to. 

Appointment Required - $40

If you have a set time window you need the package delivered so you can be home or available to receive it you will need set a appointment.

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