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Welcome to Web Wednesday! Your digital outlet to all things Dynamic Corvettes!

More progress on the upcoming  1963 Corvette RestoMod! Corey and Steve have been working diligently on the body to make sure everything is perfect before we move ahead with primer. A new radiator core support has come in for an updated larger capacity aluminum radiator to cool that LS3 efficiently.  Pictured below is Corey skim coating the passenger side of the vehicle and then sanding to make it all perfectly flush.

Meanwhile, on the mechanical side of the shop. Ed and Gary have been lending a hand to Brian to get the engine/transmission combo installed in the new rolling chassis. Once the powertrain was installed, Brian wanted to test fit the body. They rolled the chassis over to the paint shop, and slowly lowered the body onto the new frame. After squeezing and shoe-horning the body on, she sat down nice and fits very well!

We also discovered that the wheels from Brian’s 2015 Corvette fit pretty well underneath the 1963 Corvette RestoMod!

Last week I mentioned that the 1976 Corvette was going home soon and the day came Monday. The owner arrived in the afternoon, we discussed everything we did and went over his last invoice. Needless to say, he was very happy with the end result.

Check out the video below to watch the owner start her up and drive away!


The 1962 Corvette is ready for delivery and she looks gorgeous! Switching to black was the way to go! We completely repainted and rebuilt the body on this car. The owner brought the car, 6 boxes of parts, and a dream. That dream was to get the car back together, in black, and on the road so he may pass it along to his family in great shape.

I think we made his dream a reality.


The 1954 is continuing to make progress with Al everyday fitting and sanding. He has started to install the chrome exterior moldings and make sure they fit perfectly before moving ahead with primer.


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