Web Wednesday – 10/1/14

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The day you get a digital peek into Dynamic Corvettes!

Last week we were doing a cylinder head job on a 1985 Corvette. We have completed this job, and the customer took delivery on Friday. Needless to say, he was VERY happy. Nothing like a strong running Corvette to bring a smile to a customer’s face.

Last month, we replaced the interior in a 1978 Corvette Pace Car. Unfortunately, the owner was in an accident shortly thereafter. The owner has fully recovered from the accident, but the car has been declared a total loss by their insurance company. The owners are determined to see it back on the road, so we will be posting pictures of the repair process as we progress.  Here are some photos of the damage that occurred.


Which brings up a very important topic.

Always remember, when you are increasing the value of your classic car with new paint or interior, don’t forget to contact your insurance agent and increase the value of your policy!

Lastly, we have started to work on another 1978 Corvette. The owner of this Corvette is a new customer to us and has always had his vehicle serviced at another shop in town. After that shop had struggled to solve a soft brake pedal, the owner brought it to us. We determined that the old style lip seals in the rear brake calipers were allowing air to be sucked into the lines, causing the brake pedal to go soft.  We are rebuilding the calipers with the new o-ring style seals which do not allow this to happen.

For more information about lip seals vs o-ring seals, click on the link below!

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