Web Wednesday – 9/24/14

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
The day you get to peek in the digital window of Dynamic Corvettes!


The blue 1966 Corvette has left the building and the customer is very happy! He came up on a Thursday afternoon with his son and looked over the car with us. Afterwards, him and Steve took it for a ride up and down the highway. Upon their return, the customer and his son took it for another ride. His son hasn’t riden in the Corvette since he was 11!

A 1985 Corvette came in the other day. The owner has just purchased this vehicle and wants to be sure it will survive the drive all the way to Texas. The vehicle was blowing white smoke out of the tail pipe, after further inspection we determined that the head gasket had failed. We are now in the process of replacing the head gasket and inspecting the heads for cracks.

On Tuesday, we gave students from the Saginaw Career Complex a tour of the shop and showed them what we do here.

An old friend of Steve’s stopped by with his project car. We have not done any work to this vehicle. The owner was on his way to the drag strip when he stopped by to show it off to us.

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