Web Wednesday – 9/23/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! Your digital outlet for all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

A 1978 Corvette came in for a complete weatherstrip replacement! Ed quickly got all of the old weatherstrips removed before I could get down there to take photos. THAT’S EFFICIENCY! 🙂

After removing all of the old weatherstrips, he cleaned up all of the contact spots and removed all of the old adhesive before installing the new ones. We purchase our weatherstrips locally and are proud to say they are made in the USA. Remember when it comes to weatherstrips, quality over cost is the key. No sense in replacing old worn out weatherstrips with cheap imported weatherstrips that do not seal well.


Al and Corey are continuing to perform body work in the 1954 Corvette. The front clip has been completely bonded in and now they are working their way around the entire body to insure that everything is straight and the body lines are perfect!

The 1963 Corvette RestoMod is making progress. Corey has sanded the jams and primed them on the car and the doors. The SRII chassis and Tremec transmission arrived this week, but still waiting on a bellhousing. Steve and Corey are still performing body work, grinding out cracks and filling them with epoxy.


This 1976 Corvette was completed earlier this year, but the owner couldn’t take delivery til the end of the year. We have pulled her out of storage, washed her up, and Al applied the gold pinstriping.




The 1960 Corvette is back for a check-up! Customer had a few concerns which we are quickly addressing! So far, everything is looking great!


The 1962 Corvette is quickly approaching time for delivery. The engine is now running and most of the interior is in. Ed will have to install the seats and button up a few things but she is almost ready to go home!

Here is a video of the first start up in over a year!

 Last but not least, Steve & Kathy are having a “HIS & HER” Garage Sale this weekend! Lots of great stuff to buy!
Tools, Tables, Antiques, Chairs, Hunting equipment!

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