Web Wednesday – 9/16/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! Your digital peek into all things Dynamic Corvettes!!

The 1978 Corvette Pace Car took home an award at the Motor City Concours this past weekend!!

Congratulations Joe and Liz for your “Best Stock Corvette” award!!

Wanna watch the entire restoration of the Pace Car? Click the video below!

The engine has arrived for the upcoming 1963 Corvette RestoMod! The owner wasted no time and went straight to work unboxing the engine and swapping oil pans!

Meanwhile, the body has been shaped and sanded by Corey for the past few weeks and has finally made it into the paint booth for it’s first coats of primer!


Frankenmuth Autofest was last weekend and many Corvettes were in attendance including this 1967 Corvette! Unfortunately, this Corvette was on her way home when she struck a pot hole and her rear spring broke in half. We will be replacing the rear spring and performing an alignment to get her back on the road!


This 1961 Corvette came in last week with rough idle and running issues. The owner also wants a complete safety inspection! We will be going over this car with a fine tooth comb and making sure we catch everything that needs attention!


The 1954 Corvette is making some great progress. Al has been fitting and installing the front lower clip and getting all of the panels straight and aligned correctly.


The 1964 Corvette is back on it’s chassis with new fuel and brake lines, radiator core support, and a rebuilt suspension all the way around. Upon rebuilding the car, we have noticed that the brake pedal was not stiff enough and the front brakes were not being applied when stopping. We have determined that the master cylinder seals have failed and requires a rebuild or replacement. Also upon rebuilding we noticed that the rear leaf spring is severely in need of replacement which has become very weak.
With the spring and master cylinder on the way, this Corvette should be going home by the end of the week!


Last but not least, Mark has waxed up the molds again in preparation for making more fiberglass fender flares!

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