Web Wednesday – 8/5/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! Your digital peak into all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

The 1962 Corvette keeps getting closer and closer to delivery. Ed and Josh have been busy installing weatherstrips, doors, interior pieces, and exterior pieces! The windshield has been installed and now they have to finish up the interior and get the hard-top assembled.

A 1964 Corvette has come in for frame repair and a complete suspension overhaul! First thing we did was start disconnecting all of the fuel lines, brake lines, and connecting wires from the body to the chassis. Secondly, they started working on removing the body bolts which were all really rusty and did not wanna break free. After drilling out the heads on a few body bolts, Ed and Gary moved to the rear and removed the body bolts on mounts #3 & #4. As you can see, there was alot of dirt and build up in the compartment for mount #3. After Ed vacuumed out all of the debris, they removed all of the body bolts and lifted the body! Under that body is a very rough frame with lots and lots of rust scale. Gary and Ed wasted no time and removed everything from the chassis!

Watch the body come off!! Click the video below!!

The 1977 is back from getting it’s windows tinted and the new set of wheels and tires are installed!
This is one sweet ride!! Can not wait to see it rolling around town soon!!


More progress being made on the 1954 Corvette as Corey is grinding out seams and filling them in with epoxy.


The 1960 is back in the booth and getting her interior painted! As you can see, the interior has been primed and Tyler is going over it with sandpaper to insure a smooth finish. Followed by Al, whom came in and applied base and clear for a fantastic finish!!

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