Web Wednesday – 8/26/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! Your digital peak into all things Dynamic Corvettes!!

Storage season is quickly approaching!!

When storing your Corvette for the winter, be mindful of it’s surroundings. Using your friend’s pole-barn is okay, but be sure you take steps to avoid mouse damage. Mice just LOVE to move right in to your Corvette during the winter months. Once they move in, they start to nest in your console or heater ducts, chew on wires and vacuum lines, causing havoc within your Corvette!

Pictured below are spark plug wires off of a 1996 Corvette which came in recently. The customer had an unrelated issue with his vehicle, but upon inspection we discovered these chewed up wires. Some of these wires were even arcing and grounding out on the engine block, causing poor performance and fuel economy. This customer was lucky, the mice haven’t chewed on any interior wiring which is very time consuming to locate, not to mention EXPENSIVE!

When storing your Corvette always take preventative measures to insure that mice do not make your beloved Corvette their next home!

Last week, we started to make fender flares for a customer in Iowa. Early this week, Ed and Steve pulled the flares out of the molds and got them boxed up for shipment!

Ed is continuing to assemble and put together the 1962 Corvette. After getting all of his underdash wiring finished, he laid out and installed the carpet. Followed by installing the convertible top and exterior moldings.

Steve, Corey, and Al are working on the 1954 Corvette! They are getting the doors aligned and installing the driver side fender. Once the epoxy has hardened, Corey will continue to perform body work. He will make sure all of the jams are straight, even, and properly gapped.

The 1960 Corvette is quickly approaching reassembly time. The entire car has been buffed and polished, along with all of the removable panels and small painted parts.

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