Web Wednesday – 8/20/14

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The day you get a digital peek in the window of DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

The 1959 Corvette has finally been finished. Here are a few pictures from Ed taking it out on the first shake down ride and after washing & waxing the entire car. I do believe the owner is going to be very happy. She is absolutely stunning!

The 1965 Corvette is next for the completion process. Here are photos of Ed & Tyler buffing out the finish before we start to install the interior.

Last but not least this 1966 Corvette came in a few weeks ago. This one will be getting a new fuel tank, a full suspension rebuild, rebuild all four brake calipers, install new pads & rotors, replace the power steering slave cylinder, control valve and hoses. A tune up is also on order with all filters being replaced.

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