Web Wednesday – 8/19/15

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Welcome to WEB WEDNESDAY! Your digital peek into all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

First off, we are making flares! If you don’t regularly visit our website, you may not be aware that we produce fender flares for C2 Corvettes! Our flares extend out an extra 1.5 inches so our customers can sneak in bigger tire. Want more information on purchasing our flares? Click here!

Here in the photos we see the molds already gel coated and ready for mat and resin. The next few photos are of the molds with mat and resin applied. And lastly, are photos of the flares when they have hardened. trimmed, and removed from the molds. The guys will then inspect the new fiberglass parts and repair any imperfections before being boxed up and shipped out!

The 1962 Corvette is making more progress as it gets assembled. Ed has gotten most of the interior wiring done and has applied the sound deadener material on the floor. Should be installing carpet, followed by seats very soon!

We recently took in a 1961 Corvette windshield frame job. The owner of the vehicle just could not get the frame to fit properly so he brought it to the experts!! First, Steve disassembled the entire windshield frame. Upon disassembly, he discovered that some of the hardware was completely stripped out.

“That’s why it’s not mounting correctly!”, he proclaimed.

After getting in all of the new hardware that was needed and after Steve lightly tapped out all of the dents in the upper molding. He reassembled the windshield frame and reglued the windshield back in.

The 1965 Corvette has returned after a few shake down weekends with it’s owner. Customer found a few items that needed attention too which is normal on a restoration project this big. He also noticed that the stereo did not work. We honestly never checked it because it wasn’t on the job order! We will be replacing the stereo with an aftermarket reproduction that has the added features of digital tuning and auxiliary input!!


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