Web Wednesday – 8/12/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! Your digital peek into all things Dynamic Corvettes!!

Ed has been working hard on the 1964 Frame! Last week we showed everyone the disassembly and the removal of the body from the chassis. Now Ed is ready to cut out sections and weld in new! He first started on the driver side rail and then made his way over to the passenger side. Once the sides were finished, he removed the rear section of the frame to repair the kick ups. Welded on new kick ups along with a good used #3 crossmember. The frame is ready to be taken to the acid dipper followed by the a-coater!


Steve is hiding in the body shop making a new part for Dynamic Corvettes!

He has created a new close-out / finish panel for C2 Corvettes! With this fiberglass panel, you can clean up the appearance of your firewall with an easy one-piece! You can either attach it with hardware, or bond it right to the fiberglass! This is a brand new design from Dynamic Corvettes!

Interested in purchasing a close out / finish panel? Contact Junior or Dan for complete details!!

We took in a 1961 Corvette Fuel Injected last week due to running issues. The engine would not stay running once it was at operational temperature. We adjusted the valves, adjusted the carburetor, and replaced the fuel with 2 parts 93 octane to 1 part racing fuel and that took care of the problem. Modern fuel has about 10% ethanol blended into it, which is not good for these old engines. Ethanol boils at a lower temperature than gasoline, and was causing a vapor lock within the fuel injection lines. After solving the running issue, Gary then changed the oil with AMSOIL Z-Rod, which is a full synthetic with a zinc additive.

Work is progressing on the 1954 Corvette. Tyler and Corey are busy attaching the weatherstrips to the removable panels. They are installing them now so they may do body work and shape the car while having the panels sit as they will when finished.


The interior of the 1960 Corvette has been painted along with a few small parts. The center pod looks great!!

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