Web Wednesday – 7/8/15

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The 1965 is making more progress. Josh has gotten the carpet installed and it is really starting to come together! Before installing the carpet, Josh installed a sound and heat barrier on the floor. Ed came over and assisted with installing the new power antenna and ground plate. Lastly, the original radio and clock, which were completely restored, were installed in the center dash pod. Currently, Josh is sandblasting, cleaning, priming, and painting the original seat frames in preparation for installing brand new seat covers and foam!

The 1960 has been painted and she looks gorgeous! The Honduras Maroon really pops under the lights! The next step will be to wet sand the entire body and removable panels, then buff and polish to a mirror like finish.


Al, Tyler, and Corey have been busy on the 1962 Corvette getting the entire body wet sanded after being painted. After they wet sanded everything, Al started to buff and polish the new finish with rubbing compound. Once the entire finish has been buffed and polished to Al’s satisfaction, the car will be rolled over to the mechanical shop for reassembly!

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