Web Wednesday – 7/22/15

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The 1965 is coming along very nicely. Over the past weeks, we have gotten the engine running, set the timing, installed all of the window glass, mounted and balanced the new tires on freshly repainted wheels, and finished up the interior.

As an update to this vehicle, Steve came across an updated design for the headlight motors on a C2 Corvette. These motors are quicker and more efficient. So we have installed the kit from Detroit Speed Inc which does just that! Now the headlight doors swoop open as fast as a C4’s does! Check out the video below to see the headlight doors in action!!

This 1979 came in yesterday with ride issues, but we found more than that. After performing a complete safety inspection we discovered that the rear brake calipers are leaking all over the pads and rotors. This is VERY unsafe because not only will the brake pressure felt on the pedal be almost non-existent, but the brake fluid also acts as a lubricant on the pads and rotors causing even more unsafe conditions.

We will be rebuilding the rear brake calipers with O-ring style seals to prevent the leakage from ever coming back. Followed by replacing the pads and rotors which have been soaked in brake fluid.


The 1960 is getting completely wet sanded before buffing and polishing!!


The 1962 has been completely wet sanded then buffed and polished to a mirror-like shine!! She will be the next to enter the mechanical shop for reassembly!


Sunday’s Old Town Motorfest was a smashing success!! We had beautiful weather and LOTS of beautiful cars, bikes, and trucks show up!

Here are some low-resolution photos from the show. See one you like and want a higher resolution? Click over to OldTownMotorfestSaginaw.com and get it from there!!

The Michigan Traveling Wall being escorted from New Life Fellowship Christian Church to Dynamic Corvettes

A view of the wall being escorted from the roof of our building.

While riding on the back of a golf cart, Junior took some footage of the show!!

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