Web Wednesday – 7/16/14

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Welcome to WEB WEDNESDAY! The day when you get all the updates from the BEST CORVETTE SHOP IN MICHIGAN!

Our owner, Steve Snow, took a little mini-vacation over the weekend and toured the Bowling Green Corvette assembly plant and the National Corvette Museum!

stevekathyncm1Here he is with our office manager, Kathy, looking at the sink hole in the SkyDome. 🙂

Onto the Corvettes!!

First off, the 1960 Corvette has come long, long way. I am proud to say the guys have mounted the body onto the new chassis. Next order of business for this car is to replace the hood surround and the front side skirts, then onto the paint shop!

The 1965 Corvette and the 1976 Corvette played “musical cars” the other day. The 1976 went down to the paint shop, and the 1965 came back down to the main shop.

Not much of a big project car, but here is a 2001 Corvette Z06. Customer wanted us to give it an inspection to insure the brakes were in good working order. While doing our inspection we popped open the air cleaner box to find this. A filthy, crust covered air filter.

Remember, an engine is essentially a big air pump. The easier the air enters and escapes the engine, the more HP you can expect. Check those air filters!

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