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First and foremost, we would like to wish every one a safe and happy 4th of July!


If you are in the area on the 4th, stop in! We will be BBQ-ing and watching the fireworks from our prime location on the river!

The 1960 Corvette Barn Car is back home! The owner stopped in the other day and drove it from the showroom to the shop and then around town for a little bit with Dan our General Manager.

As you can see, the owner wasn’t used to driving a manual after so many years but with a little practice she was driving the car like a real pro. Afterwards, the car came back down to the showroom for a complete detail.

Over the course of the weekend, the owner stated that she drove it about 5 times into town and around town. Just enjoying the car that her late husband and her used to enjoy when they were young. After the weekend, we offered to pick the car back up and give it a once over to insure that everything is working properly.


The 1962 has finally made it’s way into the paint booth and boy does she look sharp!! After applying the base and clear coats, Al let the paint bake for a day and then he started to wet sand the new finish before he performs a buff and polish.


The 1965 Corvette is making progress. Josh has rebuilt, tested, and repainted the rear blower motor for the power vent. He has also taken apart the dash board and installed the new upper dash pads along with cleaning and re-dying the face places. Al, Corey and Tyler have been busy on the removable panels, getting them wet sanded and rubbed before installation. And lastly, Josh installed the new aluminized exhaust with new hangers and hardware.


The 1960 Corvette has made it into the booth and will be painted by the end of the day tomorrow. The car will be painted Honduras Maroon which was the factory color for this particular car.


Last but not least, the 1963 Corvette RestoMod project has been completely striped of all remaining paint to reveal a very beautiful and straight body. After stripping the paint, Tyler and Corey washed the entire body with mild soap and water to remove any lingering paint stripper. The following day, our mobile media blaster stopped by and blasted out all of the residue and grime from the interior floor. Meanwhile, Steve has been fabricating a close out panel for the hood to create a more finished look under the hood.

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