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Always LOTS going on at Dynamic Corvettes, and WEB WEDNESDAY is your window into the shop!

First off, more news on the 1956 Corvette Resto-Mod. We were unsatisfied with the amount of clearance for the front wheels to travel on the suspension, so we replaced the front mono leaf with a stiffer one. We want to avoid the front tire from hitting the fiberglass fender. After getting the spring installed, the owner went on his first test drive. He came back with a huge grin on his face, but mentioned that he was smelling gas. As we investigated, we determined that it was the gas tank leaking around the fuel sender. The gas tank was the only part on this vehicle which we did not replace. With the new tank on the way, we have removed the fuel and tank.

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We have started to work on the 1960 Corvette (Barn Car) as well. We received the new frame and painted it. We have also put most of the reusable suspension parts in our sand blaster, cleaned them up real nice, and painted them as well. Ed has started to put new brake and fuel lines on the new frame.

The 1970 Corvette (YELLOW) started out as a few small jobs, but that was until we dug a little deeper. Upon inspecting the car, our Techs noticed the windshield was cracked in the upper passenger side corner. We discussed with the customer that he should get the glass replaced due to possible rust behind it. Boy, did we under estimate the amount of rust! Once the glass was out, we saw how really bad it was. We are now going to replace the upper half of the windshield frame, and also clean up the lower half of the frame and coat it with a rust preventative coating.

Back working on the 1972 Corvette (WHITE). Customer expressed that he was feeling a lot of heat from within the cockpit. Upon lifting the carpet up, we noticed that the original sound/temperature barriers were practically non-existent, they had turned to dust. Customer also wished to have newer seat belts installed.

Last but not least, this is a 1965 Corvette which the customer has restored by himself over the last 10 years. He stated in 1975 he parked it in the garage and in 2004 he decided to restore it. Today we gave this beautiful ’65 a four-wheel alignment.

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