Web Wednesday – 6/25/14

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Welcome to WEB WEDNESDAY! The day in which you get to peek in the “cyber-window” of the BEST Corvette shop in Michigan!

Its a rather light update this week. We have been busy doing other “non-Corvette” work. But first out of the gate is the 1976 Corvette which last week we stripped the paint off. We have ground off the old seams and placed epoxy down for new seams. Currently, Jon is laying down body filler and sanding it down.

We have been planning on making this ever since the 2008 Corvette from back in December left. I present to you, a Corvette rear end flower box! We still have to install some finishing touches such as side marker lights, tail lights, and license place lamps. But fairly soon this will be outside our shop where everyone can see!

Lastly, a good customer of ours has provided these videos of his supercharged C1 Corvette! If you wanna see it in person, better buy a plane ticket to California! 😀



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