Web Wednesday – 6/24/15

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The 1978 Pace Car last week got its emblems installed after a complete buff and polishing. Afterwards, our General Manager Dan, took the car out for a few test drives, coming back to make minor adjustments and then driving off again. Check out the video below to see the first test drive and the first time that the Corvette has seen the sun since last October.



After the test drives, Ed and Josh buttoned up a few more things and it came back down to the showroom at 308 N. Hamilton for a complete detail and inspection before going back home. 
When the owners arrived, the entire crew was waiting for them at the showroom to share in the moment of them seeing their car in such beautiful shape for the first time in 8 months! Check out the video below to see the reaction from the owners when they first lay eyes on it.
To say that they were happy would be an understatement. They were absolutely beside themselves! They just could not believe it was the same car!

Thanks guys! Your reactions is what makes all the hard work worth while!!

The 1965 Corvette – Silver is being wired up with new harnesses from the front to the rear. As you can see, Josh has installed new firewall insulation and has been running the new wiring harnesses through the dashboard area, body, and engine compartment. He has hooked up the starter, wired in the front and rear lamps, and installed the rear bumpers.

The 1960 Corvette is patiently awaiting it’s turn in the paint booth. After applying a second coat of primer, followed by a light black guide coat, the boys got working on wet sanding the entire body to a smooth finish. Once the 1962 Corvette is finished in the paint booth, the 1960 is going in!

The 1960 Corvette Barn Car has had it’s convertible top installed last week. It looks amazing! Check out the video below to see the car arriving back at our shop from getting the top installed.

After recieving the car back, Josh and Ed quickly installed the door panels and other interior items before Al masked off the entire body for buffing and polishing. Once Al masked off the entire body, he polished the paint to a mirror like shine. Few more test drives are required before the customer takes delivery, but we all think that she will be VERY pleased with the results. 

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