Web Wednesday – 6/18/14

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! The day in which you get to peak in the “WEB WINDOW” of the BEST Corvette Shop in Michigan!!!

Right off the bat, we have started to work on the 1976 Corvette again. Josh, Tyler & Corey got inside and gutted the interior. Once that was finished they masked off the entire exterior in preparation for chemically stripping the paint. On Thursday the 12th, they started stripping the paint at 9:00AM and were completely finished by 3:30PM. After the paint was stripped they washed it with a mild dish soap to be sure that there wasn’t any remaining chemical stripper on the body. Now she waits for her turn for in the paint shop.

More progress has been made on the 1960 Corvette which sat in a barn for the past 40 years. When it first arrived, the frame looked like swiss cheese. Few weeks ago we received the new frame and painted it. Now we are starting to build everything on the frame to make a rolling chassis.

Lastly, we are coming up to the home stretch on the 1965 Corvette. Last week we left off with just the 1st base coat being applied. I am proud to say that we have completed the paint and are now moving onto wet sanding and polishing. Over the next few months this ’65 will be coming to life again.

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