Web Wednesday – 6/17/15

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The 1973 Corvette has been remounted to her chassis and sitting level! After getting washed up and detailed, she has been moved into our showroom and awaits for the owner to come pick her up!


The 1965 has been rolled into the mechanical shop for reassembly! First thing Josh did was roll over the parts cart with all of the removed items and start going through what is good and reusable and what needs to be replaced. Afterwards, he started to install the newly restored carburator, followed by the front headlight buckets, rear taillights, and emblems that we had in stock. Ordered and received new wiring harnesses for the engine, dash and rear lamps. Josh has started to install them and wire up the body.

The white 1965 is ready to be picked up by it’s owner! After a few test drives and a few bugs worked out, we are satisfied with the operation of the vehicle. Next step will be to bring the car to our main office and showroom for a complete detailing.


1963 Corvette RestoMod project has begun! Ed quickly got the body off of the chassis and put it on a body cart for the boys to start stripping the remainder of the paint. The frame is surprisingly in good shape. Mostly surface rust and scaling. This frame will be acid dipped and A-coated for a future build that requires a factory frame. After removing the body, Ed and Josh got the windshield and rear glass removed and started to remove weatherstrips that were left on by the owner.

The 1960 Corvette Barn Car had it’s top installed!! We received the top late Wednesday afternoon and promptly took the car to the trim shop to have it installed. After installation, they let it sit for a day to allow the material to stretch and form to the frame. Once the material had stretched and relaxed, they finished up with minor adjustments to make it fit perfectly. 


The 1978 Corvette Pace Car is almost ready for delivery! Al has buffed out the new finish to a mirror-like shine. Just look at some of the later photos, you can see the reflection of Junior in the paint! After buffing and polishing the finish, Al started to prep and install the Pace Car decals. He first applied a decal adhesion promoter which cleans and preps the surface for the decals. After then laying the decals out and carefully measuring, Al pulled the backing tape and got them on! It really looks like a Pace Car again!!


The 1962 is in the final stages of prime. Corey and Tyler have been wet sanding to get the body smooth as glass. Meanwhile, Steve and Ed installed the fender cap reinforcements to prevent fender cap sag. Over time, the tops of the fender tend to sag downward, losing the original body lines of the car. These reinforcements prevent the sagging and bond in from underneath with epoxy. After the reinforcement has had a liberal amount of epoxy applied, the reinforcement is installed and held in place with hardware. Once cured, the hardware is removed and the reinforcement is installed.


The other 1960 Corvette is in it’s 2nd coat of primer and is ready for more wet sanding. Corey and Tyler have unmasked the car, installed the wheels, and rolled it out of the booth. Once out of the booth, Corey applied a guide coat over the entire prime to assist them while sanding.

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