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Another RESTOMOD project is on the horizon. The previous owner of the 1956 Corvette RESTOMOD has acquired himself a 1963 Corvette Coupe. He located the car on Craigslist – Grand Rapids and it had been stuffed in a barn for 41 years!

Read about the find and him taking her home on Corvette Forum!

After getting it towed back to it’s new home, the owner quickly got to removing the chrome moldings and stripping the paint. He said it came off fairly easy with a chemical stripper and a razor blade. Once again, we will be doing all of the body and paint work on this future RESTOMOD!



The 1960 Corvette is still on target for delivery soon. Dan took her out for a little spin to make sure everything was good working order. Check out the video below of him taking the car out on Hamilton St.






The owner of the car came in last Wednesday and started it herself for the first time in over 40 years! She said, “It gave me goosebumps to hear that exhaust sound again.”

Still need to install the new convertible top and finish up the interior before she can come down to the showroom for a complete detail and polish!



Hey, did ya know that we are an authorized Billy Boats exhaust dealer and installer?

Wanna rumble the ground this year at Back to the Bricks, Frankenmuth Autofest, Old Town Motorfest, or the Woodward Dream Cruise?

Let us install Billy Boats muffler eliminators and make that Corvette ROAR!

The 1965 Corvette has been shipped down to the body shop to be buffed and polished before the owner takes delivery. We also received a temporary license plate from the owner so we could take it out on a few test drives to make sure everything is working as it should. Check out the video below to see this car start up and roll away.

After the test drive, Dan said it ran great up the highway and through town! Can not wait to see the owner’s face as he picks it up and drives away!




The 1973 Corvette is back after the owner noticed that his passenger side seemed higher than the driver side. After doing some measurements, we determined that indeed the passenger side was higher by 2 whole inches! Upon further investigation, we discovered that previously, by another shop, the body had been removed and reinstalled with an improper amount of shims on the passenger side and none on the driver’s. Upon even further investigation, we found that the headlight v-bar was rusted and crumbling away.

First thing that Ed did was removed the wheels and the bumpers, followed by the front extension and rear exhaust panel. After disconnecting all of the cables, hoses, pipes, and wires, he then was ready to remove the old body bolts. Old body bolts which were rusted up and seized had to be cut off with a torch. After removing the body, we found that #3 body mounts on both sides of the frame were rusted and unsafe, #4 body mount on the passenger side was rusted out as well. Ed rolled the chassis out into the parking lot and sprayed the entire chassis down with engine degreaser. After letting the degreaser soak for a few minutes, he power washed all of the old grime and gunk away.

After it’s chassis bath, Ed installed the new body mounts on the chassis and then painted the frame. While the body was off, he removed the old v-bar and radiator support. Josh assisted while Ed bonded the new v-bar support in place and clamped it over night. The following day, the body and chassis came together again. Ed fastened all of the new bolts to the body and started to remove the radiator core support. After replacing the core support, Ed is wrapping this project up and getting it back together so the customer may enjoy his now LEVEL Corvette.


Watch the video below to see the body lowered back down on to the chassis!
(I apologize for the jittery-ness of the video and the jump cuts.)

 The 1978 Corvette Pace Car was aligned last week and getting ready for it’s decals to be installed.

As you can see, we have a top of the line Snap-On / John Bean alignment machine to better service our customers! We also provide an after alignment report so you may see exactly what changes were made to your vehicle!

The other 1960 Corvette has made it into it’s second coat of primer! Just one more session of block and wet sanding and then it’s time for black base coat!!


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