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Welcome to Web Wednesday
Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

This Friday!

“Drive Your Corvette to Work Day” is celebrated annually on the Friday closest to June 30th, the day the first Corvette was produced back in 1953. This tradition was started by Mid America Motorworks founder Mike Yager, who launched “Drive Your Corvette to Work Day” in 2001.“We understand why many owners consider their Corvette to be a special car and only drive it occasionally” said Yager, “but we think driving your Corvette to work, at least one day a year, is an excellent way to demonstrate just how popular Corvettes are. And it is a chance for Corvette owners to meet new Corvette owners.” Celebrated by thousands worldwide, the goal is to get as many Corvettes on the road as possible, transforming the everyday work commute into an ode to America’s Sports Car.”- CorvetteMuseum.org

58-62 XL Big Boy Conversion in the works!

Life is easy thanks to Roller Hoop

Come work with us!

If it gets done here, we’re hiring for it!

Body Shop- Mechanical- General Labor- and Fiberglass positions all AVAILABLE!!!

Guaranteed 40 Hours Per Week-Guaranteed Hourly Wage-Guaranteed No Weekends-Holiday Pay-Vacation Pay-Heath Insurance-Accident Insurance-Discounts on Personal Automotive Parts-Snacks & Coffee Provided-Clean & Dry Cars to Work on-Hoists in All Working Bays

In The News…

Corvette Z06 Reportedly Delayed Until 2023 Model Year

Link to Article

From our Facebook Page

A look at the work being done at Dynamic this week

That’s it for this week!

But you can check out our Custom Fiberglass store while you’re waiting for next week’s Web Wednesday!

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