Web Wednesday – 6/11/14

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! When you get to peak into the BEST Corvette shop in Michigan!

Work has started again on the 1965 Corvette Frame-On Restoration! A few weeks ago, it made a trip down to the paint shop and waited patiently for us to get to it. Proud to say, the first coat of paint is on!

The 1959 Corvette has been completely wet sanded and is awaiting it’s turn in the paint booth.

The 1976 Corvette has previously been stripped of door panels, headlights, and emblems. Stripping the paint soon.

Last week, we removed the windshield from this 1970 Corvette and found a mess of rust for the windshield frame. After taking some measurements, we removed the worst parts of the frame. We determined the side posts could be saved and coated with a rust inhibiting paint. Dry fit and welded the new steel on, started to reinstall the clips. Soon it will be ready for it’s new windshield glass.

Lastly, the 1972 Corvette is going home after replacing all the weatherstrips, adding new sound/temperature barriers under the carpet, and replacing the seat belts. Fixed the customer’s vacuum leak problem by replacing the actuator seals on the wiper door & headlight. Also modified his seat covers so the seat belt shoulder strap could pass through the seat.


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