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The white 1965 Corvette has been completely sanded. Last Thursday it was picked up from the body shop and taken down to the paint shop for it’s turn in the paint booth.

We have recieved the “Go Ahead” from the customer on the white 1976 Corvette. A few weeks ago this vehicle was flatbed towed to us in a non-running condition. We drained the fuel tank of old gas, cleared the fuel lines and replaced some, replaced the spark plugs, and added new gas and the engine roared to life. (Click here to see the pictures) The customer has committed to a complete suspension rebuild, complete body strip and paint, and interior replacement.

A small update on the 1956 Corvette Resto-Mod. We have received the new windshield for it but are still waiting for the posts to return from the chrome plater. The original windshield’s lamination has started to peal away as seen in the picture. We have also installed the weatherstrips on the doors.

The 1959 Corvette has returned from the paint shop with it’s 3 coats of primer. We have a lot of wet sanding to do before it can go back and get shot with paint.

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