Web Wednesday – 5/6/15

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The 1978 Corvette Pace Car is coming along nicely. The guys have started to assemble the exterior and getting some of the interior together. Few more weeks and it will be ready for customer delivery!


Tyler, Corey and Al have spent the last couple of days getting the 1965 Corvette absolutely ready for the paint booth and ready for base!


The 1962 Corvette has been rolled over to the paint shop hoist and getting ready for more sanding. The guys have a lot to cover still but we have no doubt they can knock it out in no time at all and have it ready to be the next in line for the paint booth!


Ed and Josh are still working on the 1960 Corvette Barn Car, getting the engine wiring set and installing the interior. Door panels, seat covers, and etc are on the way. Keep a look out for that next week!


The other 1960 Corvette is making its was over to the paint shop for it’s first coat of primer then for plenty of sanding.

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