Web Wednesday – 5/4/16

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1954 Corvette

The 1954 Corvette is now in it’s second coat of primer! We are very close to getting her back in the booth and applying base and clear coats! 

1958 Corvette

Last week the guys got the top of the 1958 completely stripped of paint. This week, Tyler and Corey got the car on the hoist so Tyler could start stripping the bottom half. With the bottom half stripped, Tyler has started to perform body work shape and perfect the body before we move forward. 

1966 Corvette

The engine for the 1966 Corvette has returned from the machine shop! Afterwards, Ed masked off the engine and painted it Chevrolet orange. While the engine was drying, he coated the new exhaust manifolds in “exhaust manifold dressing”. This product sprays on gold and then changes to silver after the exhaust manifolds have heated up and reached operating temperature. The customer requested that we remove the radiator and have it boiled and pressure tested. After passing the pressure test, Mark painted it black along with the fan shroud. Ed also installed the new vacuum advance system on the distributor and then proceeded to install the engine in the vehicle. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has started to disassemble the 1969 Corvette. We have placed our orders for new fiberglass and chassis, while the dis-assembly takes place. Last is the drawing of the custom made chassis for this restomod. It’s gonna be an awesome one!!

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