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1978 Corvette – Pace Car

The owners of the 1978 Corvette Pace Car were invited to the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Reunion over the weekend! Cars from all years and all over the country were invited to take place at the show. They assembled in the center of the track and were also invited to take their cars around the track a few times! 

The owners were told by the staff and fellow show attendees that they absolutely had the best looking Pace Car at the show. 😀


1969 Corvette RestMod

Things are moving along nicely on the 1969 Corvette. Steve has been working on this project personally during the week and weekends. As you can see, he has removed the original front clip and started to remove parts from that clip to save for the build. 

1959 Corvette

The 1959 has exited the body work phase and has been rolled into the paint booth for it’s first coat of primer! Corey has applied 2 gallons of Slick Sand primer over the parts and body. Next he will apply a light black guide coat and block sand the body before applying the next coat of primer then finally paint.

1958 Corvette

Tyler has started to move forward on the 1958 Corvette. He has ground out the seams, filled them with epoxy, sanded them down and then filled over them with duraglass. He will now shape the body and fit all of the exterior trim pieces so they all fit perfectly before the application of primer. 

1954 Corvette

The 1954 Corvette is now in it’s second coat of primer and Corey is wet sanding it before he moves forward to paint. 

2001 Corvette

If you remember a few weeks ago, this car came in with a little scuff on the passenger side of the front bumper. Corey quickly got to work by removing the bumper cover, repairing the damage and then refinishing back to a glossy bright red. 

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