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1956 Chevrolet Corvette RestoMod

The 1956 Corvette RestoMod was sold over the weekend at Mecum Indianapolis for a whopping $175,000!! This is the very same RestoMod that we did all of the body and paint work on. A very proud day for Dynamic Corvettes! Pictured below are photos from the Detroit Autorama of this year, photos from the MLive article about the big win at Autorama, and lastly exclusive photos from Mecum the day before the auction. Lastly, the video below shows the Mecum auction taking place. Watch as the price climbs within a matter of seconds!

1976 Corvette

Our customer inherited this car from his late brother whom passed not that long ago. Determined to keep his memory alive within the Corvette that he loved so much, his brother is having the Corvette brought back to life a piece at a time. We have overhauled the rear suspension, parking brake system, power steering system, replaced the exhaust and finished with an alignment.

1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary

The proud owner of this 1978 Corvette purchased the car from her father for $1.00, but not just any dollar, a 1978 Eisenhower Dollar. The car sat for a few years before the new owner decided it was time to take the Corvette out this summer. After a safety inspection, we determined that the front suspension needed to be overhauled, the power steering control valve and ram needed replacement, replace the brakes, heater hoses, tires, and a tune-up. We replaced all of the items listed above and had her back on the road in 2 days.

1960 Corvette

After hours and hours of grueling sanding and filling labor, I am very proud to announce that the other 1960 Corvette has finally made it into the paint booth for it’s first coat of primer! Pictured below are Corey, Tyler, and Al doing some finishing body work and then Corey and Tyler masking off the car in the paint booth. Check back next week for this ’60 in prime.

1960 Corvette Barn Car

The 1960 Corvette Barn Car is coming along nicely. Josh has installed the new exhaust system along with a new heat riser and hardware. The pipes we received were a little long, as you can see them sticking way out from the bumperettes. These pipes will be trimmed down to the proper length. He has also installed the new rear shocks which have been on backorder for months. Both doors received new window glass and stainless trim. The regulators have been installed in the doors and everything is lubed up and ready for door panels and interior!

1962 Corvette

The 1962 Corvette is now ready for base coat! After coming out of the paint booth with her second coat of primer, the guys are wet sanding the entire car and then rolling it back in for it’s first coats of black!

1978 Corvette Pace Car

The Pace Car is looking better and better every day. The wheels have returned from the metal polisher and they look fantastic! If you look closely, you can see Junior’s reflection in the wheel while he took the picture. We have ordered new tires which are reproductions of the exact tire that came on the 1978 Pace Car, a Goodyear GT Radial. Ed is now installing the heater/air conditioning box and replacing the heater hoses along with some other finishing touches under the hood.

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