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Special Announcement:
Junior will be going on vacation for the entire week of May 15th and there will not be a Web Wednesday update until 5/25/16.

1959 Corvette

Things are progressing nicely on the 1959 Corvette. Tyler has started to fit the top fender moldings, headlight buckets and other trim pieces to insure they fit perfectly before the first coat of primer is applied. 

1997 Corvette

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This 1997 Corvette was in a minor curb scrape accident while avoiding a road hazard. Corey got the vehicle on the alignment hoist and removed the front bumper cover for repair. After repairing the scuff, he applied a coat of primer and started to wet sand the primer before moving onto paint. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Fiberglass pieces have started to arrive for the upcoming 1969 Corvette RestoMod build. Steve has been continuing to take measurements and started to assemble the new front end.

1986 Corvette

Ed has wrapped up the 1986 Corvette by replacing the radiator with a direct-fit full aluminum radiator from DeWitts and replacing the water pump. As seen in the photo, the water pump had blown a gasket on one of the ports and was also leaking from the shaft. With this new radiator and water pump combo, the customer will have a safe state of mind knowing that his Corvette engine will be properly cooled.

1966 Corvette

Ed has repaired this 1966 Corvette and it is ready to go! The steering shaft coupler (rag joint) had cracked and was causing a lot of “slop” in the steering wheel. Ed replaced the rag joint with a repair kit. The engine was not cooling properly, which we noticed that the fan clutch had failed. Ed replaced the fan clutch with a reproduction style. Lastly, we needed to stop the oil leak coming from the oil pan. Upon further inspection, we determined the oil pan also needed to be replaced. The oil drain plug had been stripped out and was not tightening down. After the oil pan arrived, Ed cleaned and painted the new pan, replaced the engine oil pick up and pump, then installed the pan and refilled the engine with Amsoil Z-Rod oil. 

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