Web Wednesday – 4/8/15

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A 1965 Corvette frame arrived on Saturday all the way from Lenawee County, MI. The customer knew something was wrong with his frame but could not determine what, so he brought it to the experts! After putting the frame on our Blackhawk frame bench with the appropriate fixtures, we determined that the front driver side of the frame had been twisted and rolled, while the passenger side had been over pulled.

Ed and Josh took the customer’s frame and cut off the front section followed by us locating a good donor frame from a 1974 Corvette in our warehouse. They removed the front section from the donor frame and welded sleeves into the customer frame. Once we had a good donor section, they welded that on to the customer’s frame. After welding, Josh ground down his welds to make a nice finish.

Ed removed the 1974 front horns and replaced them with the correct horns for a mid-year Corvette.

The 1974 Corvette named “Alice” is fresh out of the paint booth! And boy is she standing tall! The guys are now polishing the new finish after wet sanding. They will rub the paint until it’s a mirror like finish. Afterwards, it will head back over to Ed and Josh so they can re-install the interior.


The 1960 Corvette Barn Car is coming together swimmingly. Ed and Josh have installed the new windshield assembly, decklid trim, defroster bezels, and antenna. Josh is currently assembling the new heater control face plate with new cables and knobs.

The other 1960 is starting her body work. Ed and Josh will be filling and sanding for the next week getting this body absolutely perfect!


The 1978 Corvette Pace Car has received her first taste of paint. After masking off the interior, Al painted the door jams on the doors and body. Next, he will mask for the two-tone application of base followed by clear.


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