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 1980 Corvette

The 1980 Corvette has come out of the booth and she looks amazing! After applying the base, Corey applied 3 coats of clear. Once the clear had hardened, Tyler and Corey started to wet sand the new finish, followed by Corey buffing and polishing with the buffing wheel to really make it shine!

1959 Corvette

Tyler has continued to work on the 1959 Corvette. He has been working on getting the front and rear clips even to the doors and making sure his cove lines are perfect.

1966 Corvette

Late 2014, the owner of this 1966 Corvette brought her in to get her back on the road. Her suspension and brakes had rusted solid and the engine hadn’t ran in 20 years. After we got her back on the road, the owner contacted us earlier this year and said, “I wanna run unleaded gas.”
Ed has started the process by removing the engine from the vehicle and getting it ready to go down to the machine shop. While removing the engine, Ed found that the exhaust manifold had a bolt ran thru it and was wedged in good. He also found that the bottom of the manifold, somebody had drilled out the hole once and a little too close to the edge of the flange. This has caused the flange to crack.

1970 Corvette

 Ed has started to work on the 1970 Corvette by removing the rear suspension. He has found some other problems while disassembling. First, the lower shock mount appears to have broken at some point and somebody just attached a bolt to it instead of replacing the part. He also found that the wheel spindles had worn down badly along with the spindle flange. You can see the groove carved into the old spindles on the shaft and the height difference of the old flange, compared to the good used one next to it. 

1977 Corvette

The suspension overhaul on the 1977 Corvette has been completed and now awaits for the owner to come and pick up. After reassembling the suspension, Ed rolled her onto the alignment rack and gave her a complete 4 wheel alignment.

 1958 Corvette

Steve and Mark have started to work on the 1958 Corvette by starting the paint stripping process. Mark and Steve have started to strip the paint from the hood.


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