Web Wednesday – 4/29/15

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The 1974 Corvette named “Alice” is ready for her owner! After installing a few more items, Ed got the interior together and all of the exterior trim. Next is for Alice to make the trip back to our 308 N. Hamilton building for a wash and detailing.

The 1960 Corvette Barn Car is making some progress too. More and more exterior trim is being installed along with getting the interior put together. 


The 1978 Corvette Pace Car is looking more and more like a car everyday! The new windshield and rear window glass has been re-installed and Ed is starting to assemble the interior. 


Just received this 1980 Corvette from down state. The customer requested for us to repair the rockers. First order of business will be removing the body and installing a rocker repair kit. Once the rockers are repaired, we will reinstall the front frame extension and reinstall the body. 

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