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1960 Corvette – Barn Car

Last week, we got the 1960 Corvette ready for the customer to pick up from storage. Over the course of the winter, we refinished her hardtop to enjoy this summer. Mark cleaned up the glass after Corey had buffed and polished the new finish. Once the top was ready, Ed picked up the vehicle from our showroom and changed the engine oil and filter. We use Amsoil Synthetic Z-Rod oil. This oil has a high zinc content which is absent from all modern oils. Older engines with flat tappet cams require an oil with zinc to help lubercate and protect the cam from excessive wear. Once back at the showroom, Junior went over the entire car with Mist N Shine.

1987 Corvette

This 1987 Corvette came in with a faulty headlight motor and a leaking transmission oil pan. Typically on these models the headlight motor isn’t bad, but the headlight motor gear and pellets have failed. Not in this case. The headlight motor was found to be faulty and we promptly ordered a replacement. Ed then got to work on replacing the transmission oil pan gasket and filter. Being that this is a convertible vehicle, Ed first had to remove the X-member under the vehicle to access the transmission. This X-member is only installed on convertibles to add rigidity to the frame. After the headlight came in, Ed quickly swapped them out and tested it’s function. 

1986 Corvette

The owner of this 1986 Corvette brought us his own fuel injectors and gaskets to use and install. Concerned with performance, the owner wanted to install the new injectors & valve seats, inspect the EGR system, then check for exhaust leaks, and fluid leaks. Ed started to disassemble the top end of the engine to access the fuel injector fuel rails to replace the injectors. Once the top end of the engine was disassembled, he started to remove and install the new valve seats on all of the 16 valves. After he was finished, he reassembled the engine, while replacing hoses and clamps as needed. Upon inspection of the underside of the vehicle, we found no engine oil leaks, a slight leak from the transmission oil pan, and a slow leak from the rear differential pinion seal. Once the engine was completely reassembled, Ed started the vehicle and waited for it to reach peak operating temperature. As the vehicle approached 220°F we noticed that coolant had started to pool on the radiator core support. After speaking to the customer, we decided the best course of action was to replace the radiator. We have placed the radiator on order and patiently await it’s arrival.

1969 Corvette RestoMod Project

Things are moving forward on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod. After receiving the “go-ahead” from the owner of the vehicle, Steve placed the order for the new Art Morrison chassis and fiberglass panels. 


1958 Corvette

Corey, Steve and Tyler rolled the 1958 Corvette from the mechanical shop to the body shop to start stripping the paint. First, Corey laid down a few sheets of our heavy painter’s paper to help cut down on the upcoming mess. After the vehicle was on the paper, Tyler roughed up the existing finish with course sandpaper to allow the chemical paint stripper to get a better “bite” on the paint. Over the course of 1 day, they stripped the entire vehicle besides the very lower half. Afterwards, they washed the vehicle with warm water and a mild dish soap to remove any left over paint stripper residue. 

1959 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have been working on the 1959 Corvette getting all of the exterior trim pieces fit perfectly. We are currently waiting for a set of top fender moldings and headlight trim bezels to perfect the front end.

1954 Corvette

Tyler and Corey have also been working on the 1954 Corvette, block sanding the body and removable panels to insure they are straight before we go into the next primer phase.




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