Web Wednesday – 4/22/15

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The 1978 Corvette Pace Car is out of the booth and looks fabulous! After applying coats of silver, Al mocked up where the decals lay and where the two-tone break is and masked off for the black. Once that was finished, it was back in the booth for a couple liberal coatings of clear. Currently, the guys are wet sanding and rubbing the new finish to bring out that shine.


The 1962 Corvette is quickly approaching completion on body work. Steve has fit the tail lights and is working on the lower rear half. Should be in the booth for it’s first coat of primer within a week or two.

 The 1974 Corvette named “Alice” is coming together. Ed has gotten the interior re-installed, new weatherstrips installed, and now working on the front end getting the front bumper cover installed and the headlights.

 Josh and Ed are putting together the 1960 Corvette Barn Car as well. They have installed the new weatherstrips on the doors, and have also hung and adjusted them on to the body.

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