Web Wednesday – 4/20/16

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1959 Corvette

Body work continues on the 1959 Corvette. Tyler and Corey have fit the front moldings, perfected the fit of the decklid / trunk, headlight buckets / bezels, and the gaps of all panels.

1970 Corvette

Ed has wrapped up the work on the 1970 Corvette by performing a rear end alignment. He has also replaced all of the items provided by the customer and installed the new seat belts! 

1991 Corvette

A customer brought in his 1991 Corvette for a non-functioning passenger side headlight and replace the outer window seal on the passenger side door. Typically, the headlight drive gear and pellets go bad in these models. We were not prepared to see how bad the pellets were destroyed. As you can see, the pellets were practically pulverized and turned to dust. 

1986 Corvette

A customer brought us his 1986 Corvette for some performance issues. He has provided us with new fuel injectors for this vehicle and he would like for us to give it a look over and estimate for any other work that may be needed. 

1987 Corvette

This 1987 Corvette came in for an oil change and a non-functioning headlight. As Ed looked into the problem, he determined that this time it was the motor at fault. Headlight drive gear and pellets were in great condition, but the motor brushes were badly worn. We have placed an order for a remanufactured headlight motor and patiently await it’s arrival. We have also found several leaks coming from the transmission that will be addressed.

1966 Corvette

This 1966 has come in for non-functioning headlights (seems to be a trend here.. haha). Ed is currently looking over the car to determine what is wrong with them. Along with addressing that issue, we will be looking into the vehicle’s cooling system which has been running high, the turn signal cancel cam and straightening the steering wheel from a previous repair at another shop. 

Custom Fiberglass

The custom one-piece front end is almost finished for our eBay order! Soon the guys will be installing the header bar and headlight supports (pork chops). Once those pieces are installed, we will be boxing and crating up the parts and shipping them via freight to our customer in Utah!

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