Web Wednesday – 4/15/15

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Body work continues on the 1960 Corvette. Josh has fit the headlight bezels while Ed worked on fitting the doors. Steve then came in to assist with the hood, decklid, and trunk.


Wait a minute… this isn’t a CORVETTE!

You are right, this is a 1979 Volkswagon Beetle that we are repainting for a very good friend of ours.


The frame repair for the 1965 Corvette has been completed. Ed and Josh got the new front horns welded on and cleaned up. Typically, we would refinish the frame with rust inhibiting paint, but the customer has a contact with a powder coat company and is going that route. Now it awaits for a chance for the customer to come up and pick it up. 🙂


The 1974 Corvette named Alice is fresh out of the paint booth. Tyler and Corey quickly got on wet sanding the new finish, followed by buffing and polishing, then finally hand polishing. Afterwards, they rolled it back over to the mechanical shop where Ed was waiting to start reassembly.


The 1978 Corvette Pace Car has entered the paint booth and is ready for its first coat of base! Al is pictured here doing some final masking.

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