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 1980 Corvette

The 1980 has had it’s bumpers fitted and body work completed! Now Corey has rolled it into the paint booth and applied the first coat of primer, Slick Sand! After applying 2 coats of Slick Sand over everything including the body, he applied a light guide coat over the primer with some black spray paint. This guide coat allows him to see where he has sanded and where he has not. After block sanding all of the parts and the body, the car will then go in for a second coat of primer before base and clear!


1958 Corvette

Another project rolled in the door last week. This 1958 Corvette is going to be stripped and painted, along with a number of issues that need to be addressed. A very nice solid car that will make a great driver!

1954 Corvette

Tyler is continuing to work on the 1954 Corvette, perfecting the body lines and getting her ready for primer.

1978 Corvette

A few weeks ago, we placed in a new radiator core support and new power steering valve and pump. After the owner came in to give it a look, he asked if we could replace some weatherstrips and replace the side yokes on the rear end. Ed has torn down the rear end and is staging to replace the yokes. Along with the yokes, he will be replacing the bearings and seals. Once he installed the new yokes, bearings, and seals, he reinstalled the rear end cover with a new gasket and filled it with GM Axle Lube 80W-90 and GM Limited Slip Additive. Ed then moved onto the door weatherstrips that the customer wanted replaced and installed them as well.

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