Web Wednesday – 3/30/16

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 1980 Corvette

Corey has gotten the 1980 Corvette ready for the paint booth. After rolling the car into the booth, he completely masked and bagged the vehicle, followed by applying a coat of sealer. Tomorrow, he will start applying the first base coats then followed by clear coat.

1958 Corvette

Steve and Ed have started to disassemble the 1958 Corvette. While disassembling, they are cataloging and labeling each of the removed parts. They are also making Junior a list of parts that will need to be replaced. Once the part is removed, cataloged and labeled, the part is placed on a cart specifically for that vehicle. Before disassembling the doors, Ed tested the power window motors and found that the driver side is still good, while the passenger side is seized. 


 1954 Corvette

The 1954 Corvette is in it’s first coat of primer! Now it patiently awaits for the guys to block sand and then roll back into the booth for it’s second coat of primer, followed by more sanding!

1959 Corvette

Tyler has started to perform body work on the 1959 Corvette. He has installed weatherstrips on the doors and then installed the doors to the vehicle. Now with the doors installed, he may start to fit the doors and make sure the gaps are perfect. He will also be making sure that the doors and the body are flush and even. 

1967 Corvette

The 1967 Corvette project is finished! Ed has completely rewired the entire car, replaced the carpet, replaced all of the interior light bulbs, re-dyed the emergency brake console, and repaired the steering column. The owner picked it up late Tuesday afternoon and was very pleased by the result. 

1977 Corvette

This 1977 Corvette came in for an underside rebuild. Once Ed started to disassemble the rear end, he found that the rear yokes had a lot of play in them as well. Ed will be rebuilding the front and rear suspension, along with replacing the the rear end side yokes. 

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