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Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, the Old Town Saginaw Association puts on an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. And every year, we help Paul (Owner of Jake’s Old City Grill) pull out the rabbits and set them up on the Saginaw County Courthouse lawn. 

This is a free event to all whom wish to attend. There will be 20,000 eggs scattered all over the courthouse lawn for the kids to hunt and gather. 

This year’s egg hunt will be on Saturday, March 26th 2016 at 12pm/Noon

1967 Corvette

Ed has been working hard on the 1967 Corvette. He first removed the hood for easier access to the engine compartment, followed by removing the engine wiring harness. He worked his way back from the front of the car, by then replacing the dash harness and then the rear harness. Upon removing the carpet on the driver side to access the rear harness, he noticed the antenna coaxial cable had been cut and spliced. We ordered a new antenna assembly and cable for the car. When we did a closer inspection of the carpet, we determined that it was pretty filthy and needed to be replaced. The owner agreed. Ed also found that the dash speaker cone surround was completely torn all the way around, so we installed a new speaker as well.

As of now, Ed is preparing to install the new carpet. He is first laying down under layment on the fiberglass floor pan to cut down on road noise and excessive heat. After applying under layment on the floor, he will install the carpet in the back first, complete his wiring, then finish installing the carpet in the front. 

1960 Corvette

The 1960 is in the final stretch! The owner came by last week and loved it! He did mention that he did not want white wall tires, so we have ordered replacements and Ed installed those Tuesday morning.  We are currently waiting for the Al Knoch canvas soft top to arrive from Texas. 


1954 Corvette

The 1954 has come a long way since it rolled in the door. Tyler has primed the body and parts with Slick Sand primer, applying 2 heavy coats. Afterwards, he took a can of black paint and applied a light guide coat over the primer. This guide coat is to show were the body has been sanded and where it has not. 


1980 Corvette

After 2 primer sessions in the booth, the 1980 is getting some wet sanding love today. Tuesday morning Corey started to sand the body and this afternoon he is almost finished. After the body is smooth as glass, she will be rolled back into the paint booth to be masked, bagged, and then sprayed with base coat and clear coat!

1977 Corvette

Last year, the owner of this 1977 brought it in for transmission oil cooler hoses that had sprung leaks. While we had it up in the air, we noticed that his suspension needed a complete overhaul. He has returned and is requesting that we overhaul the suspension and make her ride great again. 


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