Web Wednesday – 3/16/16

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!

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1969 Corvette

A gentleman brought in a 1969 Corvette – Big Block to have us give him opinions on what to do with the vehicle. Being in the rough shape that it is, we suggested going RestoMod. The owner seemed to agree! Be on the watch for this upcoming project!



1954 Corvette

The guys are working hard on the 1954 Corvette to get her in primer by the middle of the week. It looks as if they may meet that goal.


1960 Corvette

After waiting months and months for the right hand front bumper, IT FINALLY ARRIVED!!

Ed got started on the 1960 by installing the seats and getting the new tires mounted and balanced. 


1996 Corvette

The owner of this Corvette was tired of having his steering wheel fall in his lap. Not only is it annoying, but HIGHLY DANGEROUS!! He brought it in for our steering column rebuild service. Ed quickly got the column removed from the vehicle and started to disassemble. He found the tilt knuckle was very worn out from use over the years. After replacing the knuckle and putting the column together, he reinstalled the column into the car. We are now waiting for new horn contact parts to replace the broken ones found behind the air bag. 


1967 Corvette

The blue 1967 Corvette convertible is back! Last year, we overhauled the suspension and replaced the carburetor. This time, the owner would like all of the electrical wiring harnesses to be replaced along with all of the instrument cluster lenses. Should be a quick and easy project!

1980 Corvette

The 1980 Corvette is ready to be wet sanded after receiving it’s second coat of primer. 

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