Web Wednesday – 2/4/15

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The 1960 is coming along nicely. The guys have gotten the rolling chassis done, and have received the engine from the re-builder. Josh is assembling the engine by installing all of the accessory brackets, ignition components and exhaust manifolds. Once they have the engine ready, they will set it into the new chassis along with the transmission. Finally when that is done, we will remount the body to the chassis and the boys will take over to fill and sand the body. 

The body work continues on the 1965. The guys have been working very hard on this one. Making sure all the gaps and jams are even and perfect. Not long now until the guys roll her into the paint booth for the first coat of primer. As you can see, this one is getting a lot of extra love.

 Here is some progress on the 1977 Corvette, which is being slowly restored for a good customer of ours. Previously, we had repainted the entire car and now we are starting to reassemble the interior and replace what is needed. The customer has requested that we have the windows tinted and install a newer stereo with a CD player. 

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