Web Wednesday – 2/25/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
Your digital peek at all things Dynamic Corvettes!

The 1960 Corvette Barn Car has been painted and she looks terrific! There is literally nothing like a fresh paint job on a vehicle! The guys now have to wet sand this new finish then buff and polish to a mirror like shine.


Rapid progress is being made on the 1973 Corvette. Ed has just about wrapped up this project. The customer has a few more concerns that we have to address such as the speedometer and odometer not being correct and a possible fluid leak from the engine compartment, but those issues will have to wait to be addressed when the weather breaks and we can test drive the vehicle. 


The 1976 Corvette is starting to wrap up as well. Josh has tuned the engine and she is purring like a kitten. The interior has been re-installed. Engine and engine compartment has been detailed and cleaned. New tires have been mounted, balanced, and installed. Followed by a complete 4 wheel alignment!


Josh has now moved onto the 1977 Corvette and getting the interior installed. He first laid out everything to make an inventory of all his pieces. once determining that everything was accounted for he started to assemble the dash. New carpet, custom seats, rear soundbar and updated radio are going to be installed soon. 


Junior has put together another video of a restoration.
Check out this restoration we did back in 2007!

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