Web Wednesday – 2/18/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your digital peek into all things Dynamic Corvettes!

Junior has been making videos for our new YouTube channel! Check them out and share with your friends!




 The 1960 Corvette Barn Car is ready for base coat! Al, Tyler, and Corey have wet sanded the entire body and the removable panels. First they mounted all of the removable panels within the paint booth and got them painted with both base coat and clear coat. They have now moved the car into the paint booth and are masking it off in preparation for base and clear coating the entire body. 


Progress is moving nicely on the 1973 Corvette for an interior refresh. The seats covers have been installed and they look fantastic! Ed has completely disassembled the steering column and discovered that it was in reasonably good shape. He cleaned it up, sandblasted, primed and painted the column before starting to reassemble. He replaced the bearings and the ignition lock cylinder due to a key buzzer issue. 

 The 1965 Corvette is finally ready for primer. Corey has already coated the doors in primer, but the next order of business is to get the vehicle in to the paint booth to coat the entire body in primer so they can block sand. 

 Josh is dismounting the tires from the 1976 Corvette so he can refinish the wheels. First he will clean them with a mild soap to break up the grime and grease, then he will sandblast the rust and old paint off. Followed by a liberal coating of primer and finally rally wheel paint. 


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