Web Wednesday – 2/17/16

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 1963 Corvette RestoMod

 Corey has gotten the hood painted on the 1963 Corvette RestoMod and over the past weekend the owner buttoned up some of the remaining tasks. He has installed all of the exterior emblems, door handles, and the interior. Once the hood is wet sanded, buffed and polished we can install it on the vehicle then install the brand new “cookie sheets” on the hood. 

1954 Corvette

Tyler is working hard on the 1954 Corvette. He as finished his repair work on the front end and is now fitting all of the exterior moldings to insure a perfect fit.

1959 Corvette

Ed has been busy on the 1959 Corvette repairing the fiberglass all over the body. He started by grinding out the body seams and filling them with epoxy. He continued by repairing the driver side rocker panel which was patched a long time ago incorrectly. 

Ed said, “It looks like they used part of a screen to patch it.”

Once the old repair was removed, Ed started to form a template out of polyethylene plastic. Upon making the correct shape, he applied fiberglass mat and resin to the template and made a new custom bonding strip.  With the custom bonding strip made, he cleaned up the edges and bonded the strip to the back side of the rocker panel. After the strip bonded to the rocker panel, he filled the void with epoxy, ground it down smooth and covered with Duraglas. 

Moving around the car, he repaired other cracks in the body around the wheel wells, hood, and left headlight opening. He repaired the sill plate mounting holes on each side by filling the oversized holes with Duraglas, then applied fiberglass mat and resin over the holes and let cure.  Once the sill holes were cured, he ground them down flush and smooth. Ed also repaired the dash by bonding the center console back to the dash.

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