Web Wednesday – 2/11/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
Your digital peek at all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

Did you know that Dynamic Corvettes is also on YouTube? We have created a channel to post all of our original videos so you can share them easily with your friends and family. Check out our latest video showing the 1959 Corvette – Engine Fire repair from last year!

The body has been mounted on the 1960 Corvette. Previously, the guys were building the new rolling chassis by getting all of the suspension hung and all of the new fuel and brake lines ran. The engine came back from being rebuilt and they quickly got all of the accessory brackets and ignition system installed, along with a new clutch. Check out the video below to watch the body lowered onto the chassis. 

The 1965 Corvette is getting closer and closer to the paint booth. The guys have now rolled the vehicle into the paint room where they are continuing to fill and sand the body. They have started to mount the bumpers so they can insure that they will fit properly and flush to the body. 



Who said a Corvette doesn’t have a backseat?


 Tyler and Corey have started to attack the other 1960 Corvette under the roof. If you remember, we have put this car in primer once, block sanded, and primer again. Now comes the final primer sanding before we lay down the base coat of red and clear coat.


Ed has started to disassemble the 1973 Corvette interior. All of the parts have arrived for this job and it is GO TIME. First Ed is removing all of the old interior starting with the center consoles, then the dash, followed by the carpet. After everything is removed, he will go through all of the saved pieces. Those saved pieces will be cleaned and re-dyed Dark Saddle.

 Lastly, the guys found a GM Parts statue while going through our used parts warehouse.
Of course, they used the opportunity to poke fun at me.

“Looks just like you”, they said.


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